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Standing Desks Increase Productivity

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

Standing desks are slowly but surely revolutionizing workplace culture, not only through the increase of physical movement and activity, but also in productivity.

According to the study conducted by Texas A&M Health Science Center School for Public Health, call center workers who could stand for periods of time using a standing desk made more calls throughout the day. This study, Brandon from explains, tested a control group for over a period of six months, with workers using a standing desk throughout the day, and are seated for less than 1.6 hours total daily.

Here are some important points from the research:

1. The results weren't instantaneous.

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While the human body wasn't designed for prolonged sitting, there's no denying that we, as a society, are used to doing desk work while sitting. As with all bad habits, getting rid of this mindset needs some getting used to. The good news is, the wait isn't actually that long.

The study reported increase in productivity by the second month, and the steady rate of increase continued for the next passing months.

2. It really depended on the physical wellbeing of the workers themselves.

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The main reason for this increase in productivity isn't only due to the mindset attached to standing (i.e. more active work). According to the research, "Of the workers who could stand during the day on a regular basis, 75% said they had fewer body aches during the day."

The main gap for the difference in productivity between the first and second month was the eventual decrease in body discomfort and joint pains. Their use of the standing desk aided in the workers' posture problems and the health benefits of having correct posture naturally manifested.

3. Standing desks are not substitutes for actual fitness regimens.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Standing desks have a lot of health benefits, most of which are easily summarized by avoiding death by sitting and just improving overall posture. Still, using standing desks is not a substitute for workouts. While abstaining from prolonged sitting definitely helps steer us clear from obesity, it is not an equivalent to visiting the gym.

The most important thing that we can takeaway from the use of standing desks is knowing that health matters, and that incorporating any means necessary to improve it is definitely a worthy cause to invest in.

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